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The Penguins Out Gun the Red Wings in their Preseason Home Opener

To borrow a line from a long time Penguins sportscaster, “Hallelujah Hollywood”. Jake the Snake Strikes. In a game that featured an offensive landslide, Jake Guentzel picked up where he left off 100 or so days ago, pacing the Penguins to a 6 – 5 victory over the Detroit Red Wings. Joined by frequent partner in crime from last year, Cono [...]

Penguins: Center of Attention

The Great Center Debate goes on. I know I have commented on this before, but it has yet to be resolved. Training camp has opened up and the regular season is just around the corner, but our Penguins are still without a clear third line Center. Jim Rutherford and Mike Sullivan (at least publicly) express little concern. Hmm…. Do I believe it? [...]

Penguins Prospects Tournament: a Sneak Peek of the Future

What a great time of the year, even Las Vegas, Colorado, and New Jersey fans are optimistic. Every team is still in the playoff hunt. It has only been a couple of months since our Penguins hoisted the Cup, now we are only about a month away from raising the banner from that championship–and the curtain to defend that championship. I am [...]

Penguins Update: Cullen Signs with Wild

It appears the Penguins will have two center slots to fill this season. Forty-seven days after Nick Bonino left the ‘Burgh for the Music City, Matt Cullen signed a one-year deal with his home state Minnesota Wild. The contract carries a base salary of $1 million, plus incentives. Despite his advanced age, the 40-year-old Cullen was a re [...]

What is 500 Million Among Friends?

Dear Santa, I have been a really good boy this year so I am putting my Christmas wish list in early. Can you please bring me my own NHL franchise for Christmas next year? I hear they make lots and lots of money…Jim I rushed out mailed my letter last week. I sent it Priority Post to the South Pole. They tell me the North one is melting! To my [...]

What if Quebec had joined the NHL?

Call it a slow news week, Pens fans. I’ve done articles on goaltending, the great and still unresolved center debate, the salary arbitration process and possible long-term effects on our team. I’ve also blogged about the farm system in comparison to the rest of the NHL, and the possibility of a three-peat. With the exception of th [...]


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