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The Penguins’ Matt Murray Grounds the Jets 2 – 1 in OT

Stop me if you heard this one before–the Pittsburgh Penguins beat their opponent, at home, in PPG Paints Arena, 2 – 1, in overtime, on a goal by Phil Kessel. Wasn’t it the very quotable Yogi Berra who once said “Deja-vu all over again”? Well, that was what it pretty much felt like last night. With Kessel playing the trick on the Jets; t [...]

The Penguins Beat the Oilers 2 -1 in OT

Why is it that our Pittsburgh Penguins need adversity before they show up and play a full game? Why do they have to get the stuffing beat out of them before they play some defense? Why do they need to have a defenseman get injured before they show signs of life? But that is what happened last night as the Penguins beat the Edmonton Oilers 2 - [...]

The Penguins Bring Up Casey DeSmith

In the wake of another blow out, Antti Niemi was waived by the Pittsburgh Penguins today after only 128 minutes and 8 seconds of ice time, spread out over 3 games, ceding 16 goals against and making 63 saves on 79 shots and losing all three games. Head Coach Mike Sullivan suggested that if Niemi clears waivers, he will be sent down to Wilkes [...]

Penguins Update: Seasons Change

Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes opens with one of the most memorable verses in the Bible. To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. No, I’m not going to preach. And, yes, this article is about our Penguins, I assure you. Specifically, the season of change that our favorite hockey team has entered. However, to prope [...]

The Penguins: Burnin’ Down the House?

A man whose house is on fire needs water to put out the fire, not to swap bicycles with his next door neighbor, but that is exactly what our Pittsburgh Penguins’ GM Jimmy Rutherford did yesterday. In what would appear to be an altruistic move, Mr. Rutherford helped the Detroit Red Wings yesterday by swapping spare part LW Scott Wilson for equ [...]

Penguins Zapped by Bolts: Acquire Sheahan

I confess…I arrived at The Pennsbury Pub and Grille a little late last night, so I didn’t view the first 35 minutes or so of the Penguins-Lightning game. After bellying up to the bar and glancing at one of the big screen TVs, maybe it was all for the best. The second-period highlights (or lowlights, depending on your perspective) confirmed my [...]


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