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Penguins Update: Murder, Inc.

Back in the day, the Italian-American Mafia and Jewish mob carried out their nefarious activities with the aid of well-established enforcement groups. Headed by notorious gangsters such as Louis “Lepke” Buchalter and Albert “The Mad Hatter” Anastasia, “Murder, Inc.” was believed to have iced as many as 1000 unfortunate souls during the 1930s [...]

Penguins Update: What’s the Maatta with Olli?

It’s a question I’ve posed—and had posed to me—by numerous hockey pals. Especially over the past year. What’s the Maatta with Olli (pun intended)? Or more to the point, what’s the matter with Olli Maatta’s skating? A puzzler, to be sure. While the 22-year-old Penguins defenseman still possesses keen instincts and skills, not to mention the c [...]

Penguins Hit Their Stride

Ask any NHL coach or general manager. Ask a player. Heck, ask anyone associated with an NHL team and they’ll tell you. It’s next to impossible to maintain a consistent pace over an 82-game schedule. So much can effect a team. Illness and injuries, for one. Not to mention the occasional slump. Or…like two years ago…an unexpected case of the mu [...]

Foes Beating Penguins at Their Own Game

Let’s go back in time. To Sunday, June 12, 2016. Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Up 3-games-to-2 on the San Jose Sharks, our Pittsburgh Penguins had snatched a 1-0 first period lead on a power-play goal by Brian Dumoulin. Employing their withering puck-possession style to perfection, they dominated the first-period shot clock, 9-4. Everyth [...]

Penguins Lurching at the Quarter Pole

I don’t know about you. But watching our Penguins get skewered yesterday afternoon by the Minnesota Wild was tougher for me to swallow than a leftover turkey sandwich without the mayo. Especially after the Pens had demolished a very tough Rangers squad only two days earlier in arguably their finest effort of the season. Indeed, the team’s pl [...]

Penguins Update: Crosby in a League of His Own

Around this time last season, Penguins fans across North America (including yours truly) were all asking the same question. What’s wrong with Sidney Crosby? Despite the presence of super sniper Phil Kessel on his right flank, the Pens’ captain was off to the worst start of his career. He’d collected a paltry two goals and seven assists durin [...]


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