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Penguins Trade Goligoski to Dallas for Neal and Niskanen by the numbers

00ppfront Alex Goligoski has been traded to the Dallas Stars for winger James Neal  & defenseman Matt Niskanen.    This will probably be considered an immediate coo for Penguins GM Ray Shero, the proof will be in how Goligoski performs in the future.  The Penguins new winger James Neal has put up some descent offensive numbers for his first three y [...]

Penguins fans will love James Neal as much as they will miss Goligoski

article_23927_2[1] Today, Ray Shero pulled off another trade that is being touted by Dallas fans as highway robbery.  The Penguins sent crowd favorite defenseman, Alex Goligoski to the Dallas Stars for Left Winger, James Neal and Defenseman, Matt Niskanen.  Stars’ fans are already crying that they wouldn’t have taken Goligoski straight up for Neal [...]

The Pittsburgh Penguins and Brad Richards, the Perfect Match

Brad Richards Conn Smythe With Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin out, you may think the Penguins GM Ray Shero should waive the white flag and live to fight another day. I’m willing  to bet there is a locker room full of Penguins that would not agree with this sentiment. I also believe Shero still has a few cards left up his sleeve. For the right price, just about [...]

Penguins possible trade acquisitions drying up while Shero waits on Crosby

shero Within the past week, three possible players the Penguins may have been targeting at the trade deadline have been plucked by other clubs, and in all three instances, the price was fairly low.  The least likely of the three to be acquired by the Penguins was Mike Fisher as he was traded from Ottawa to Nashville last week, but was there really [...]

Vandelay’s Coffee Talk with Bernie Nicholls

bernie nicholls It’s not often you get to talk to a guy who has scored over 70 goals in one season in the NHL, after all there are only eight that have accomplished that feat.  It is not often you get to talk to a guy who has scored at least 150 points in one season in the NHL, only 5 have done that. Recently I caught up with the great Bernie Nicholls. [...]

Wheeling-Johnstown Nailers are Losing Players Left and Right

Andrew Orpik The Wheeling Nailers have lost their last three games after winning 9 out of 10.   JLPens, from our PenguinPoop Johnstown office has filed this report: We had two games here (in Johnstown) over the weekend (the Nailers lost both).  Right now, Wheeling is basically trying to tread water like the rest Andrew Orpik of the organization.  They now [...]

Lemieux Was Right to Tell the NHL Emperor He’s Wearing no Clothes

Mario Lemieux The effect that a game like Friday night’s debacle will have on the NHL world, not just this year but in the future, is way more than the NHL executives are aware of. When the Disney executives, who just happen to be the owners of ESPN, look at the game, how anxious will they be to offer a ton of money for a big TV contract this year?  [...]

Mario Lemieux Makes Statement, Slams NHL

00ppfront Mario Lemieux just released a statement on the Pittsburgh Penguins website saying “If the events relating to Friday night reflect the state of the league, I need to re-think whether I want to be a part of it.” and a bunch more.   The entire statement is below: “Statement from Pittsburgh Penguins Co-Owner and Hockey Hall of Famer Mario L [...]

Penguins Bylsma could be suspended because of ref O’Halloran’s incompetence

00ppfront Penguins Coach Dan Bylsma has been suspended by the NHL pending review because Penguins enforcer Eric Godard left the bench during an altercation. An altercation that would have never taken place had NHL referee #13 Dan O’Halloran did his job. A little over four minutes into the third period of last nights game the Islander’s Trev [...]

Penguins / Islanders Marred by Ugly Play and Horrible Officiating

00ppfront Wow, I haven’t witnessed this kind of thing since the North Stars skated Basil McRae and Shane Churla together.  Obviously, the Islanders had vengeance on their minds.  Unfortunately, the Pens gave them ample opportunity to extract revenge as they spotted the Isles a 6 goal advantage.  Having a huge lead affords a team the opportunity t [...]


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