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Pittsburgh Penguins Conspiracy Theory:

Art's_mother Last Thursday morning as I was driving to the gym, I was listening to sports radio. Everyone had all the answers to what went wrong in the third period of the game and none of it sat well with me. After the gym I went over to see my mother, Estelle Costanza in the hospital. She couldn’t wait to ask me what I thought about the game.  I t [...]

How to Fix the Broken Down Pittsburgh Penguins

Malkin & Crosby Trying to figure out what is wrong with the Penguins is like trying to figure out why people search for the closest parking spot when they go to work out.  Ray Shero probably gave up his pension fund for the two new defensive players that were going to be the answer to all of the Penguins problems.  He also filled in the offensive gaps with a [...]

Empty Netters Update

00ppfront Pens’ fans breathed a collective sigh of relief yesterday compliments of this blog post by Seth Rorabaugh: An apology – 11-08-10 Monday, November 08, 2010 06:26 PM Written by Seth Rorabaugh Last week, I posted an entry on thepensblog.com that gave the false impression that Post-Gazette management was considering eliminating the Em [...]

Save Empty Netters

500EMPTYNETTERS In case you haven’t heard by now, a Pens fan favorite is in trouble.  Late Thursday night, Seth Rorabaugh made the announcement via Twitter that the future of his Empty Netters blog is in jeopardy.  While he did not reveal the reason, he did say that he has a meeting with some of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette management on Monday about the futu [...]

The Penguins Powerplay Stinks… Don’t Change it.

Dan Bylsma Head Coach Dan Bylsma has taken a seriously innovative step in creating a very different type of powerplay here in Pittsburgh and even though the numbers are not there right now, if you give it time, it could become one of the best ever. The Pittsburgh powerplay has a problem like no other in the NHL.  How do you find space for two of the lea [...]

Are the Pittsburgh Penguins a .500 Hockey Team?

photo_image9-smallest As of November 4th, the Penguins are a .500 hockey team.  With the way that they have played so far this season, they are lucky to be at .500.  To put the 13 points that they have so far this season in perspective, they are only four points ahead of the New Jersey Devils in the standings, and the Devils have been absolutely horrible.  Why ar [...]

The Great Pittsburgh Penguins Goaltender Controversy Debate

Fleury & Johnson There is an interesting thing going on in the NHL right now. Teams like Chicago and Montreal are letting go the goaltenders that made their post seasons successful. First Montreal traded away Jaroslav Halak for two minor leaguers, Halak being the goaltender who not only beat the Penguins in game seven of the playoffs last season, he also ende [...]

The Penguins Will Get Better

00ppfront The Penguins are 6-5-1 through their first twelve games.  They have been short of a completely healthy lineup by at least two players and as many as four players throughout the entire beginning stretch.  It appeared that Staal was going to play Wednesday in Dallas.  Word is now that he suffered an upper body injury at practice today.  Neither [...]

The Pittsburgh Penguins New 3rd Jersey:

pp0253 Picture of the Pittsburgh Penguins 3rd jersey used in the 2011 Winter Classic at Heinz Field:  *Update…    It’s Official! The Penguins third jersey this year is the same powder blue jerseys from last year, with the exception of the Winter Classic game and two others.  The jersey the Penguins will be wearing for the Winter Clas [...]

Penguins Lose To Lighting: Must Be the Florida Sunshine Blues

00ppfront The way the first period was going, I thought the Pens might score like 10 goals in this game.  Unfortunately, I thought Tampa Bay might score 6 or 7.  The way Pens moved the puck on their first power play was magical.  I could have watched that all night.  On the other hand, Fleury seemed to be very shaky.  He let in the first shot he faced, [...]


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