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Crosby Plays Entire Game Alongside Real Penguins

From ff-press.com – too funny not to be reprinted here Chicago, IL – Sidney Crosby may be the best hockey player in the world, but you can give him a big fat zero when it comes to attention to detail. In an effort to trim payroll and free up cap space, the Pittsburgh Penguins dressed two penguins from the Pittsburgh Zoo as Crosby’s [...]

Dustin Jeffrey chomping at the bit

dustin_jeffrey_1-small[1] Okay, let’s see, the Penguins have won 10 games in a row, they are now first overall in the Eastern conference,  they are getting balanced scoring from all lines lately, Sidney Crosby has somewhere close to like 100 points during those 10 games, they have done this with a slightly banged up Evgeni Malkin who has missed the past couple [...]

Billy Guerin Retires as a Pittsburgh Penguin

Billy Guerin holding Stanley Cup It was nice to see Billy Guerin retire as a Pittsburgh Penguin.  He was only here a short time, but there was a special bond between Billy and the fans.  It is not often that a player can leave such an impression on city in such a short time. Billy is one of those special players that can and did. I was fortunate enough to meet Billy.  My co [...]

Penguins Hitting on All Cylinders

00ppfront Last night the Pens pounded the Columbus Blue Jackets 7-2.  Pittsburgh now has points in the last 12 games.  Crosby extended his scoring streak to 15 games with two goals.  Letang had two more assists.  He is now two points behind Dustin Byfuglien for the scoring lead among defensemen. In addition, some of the “role” players also [...]

Video: Sidney Crosby and the Pyramid of Pucks

00ppfront Everyone keeps asking me about this video and where they can view it, I thought I would just post it.  It looked like Sidney Crosby was trying to pick off the pucks one at a time on the top of the Pyramid then took a slap shot to take it down.  I wonder if he just made this video to scare opposing goaltenders. *After further review, I’m [...]

Brooks Orpik and Tyler Kennedy Away From the Ice

orpikppshirt On Thursday, November 18th, Art Vandelay and I had a chance to see some Pens in a little off-ice action.  Fidelity Bank welcomed Brooks Orpik and Tyler Kennedy to their newest location at new McCandless Crossing development off of McKnight Road in the North Hills. For the first hour, Orpik and Kennedy mingled with a smaller group of fans in a [...]

Short Handed? Not the Penguins!!!!

00ppfront In only two major sports, hockey and soccer(and I know some of you do not consider soccer a major sport, but that is a discussion for another day), is there ever an occasion for teams to be playing with an unequal number of participants. In hockey, this occurs when one team is assessed a minor penalty.  The offending player is sent to the pen [...]

Mario Lemieux’s Greatest Goal Finally Gets it’s Day in Court

Mario Lemieux 80's Starting tomorrow the Pittsburgh Penguins are giving fans a chance to vote on the greatest goal Mario Lemieux ever scored in a video tournament at www.gnc.pittsburghpenguins.com. I have seen Mario’s greatest goals video, the Penguins greatest goals video, I have even seen the Pittsburgh Penguin DVD set that has supposedly the Pittsburgh [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins Getting on Track

Crosby Skating Hi again folks.  Old Reg has been invisible for a while now.  It turns out my day jobs and other responsibilities have been taking over recently.  I did want to take a few minutes to jot down a few thoughts I had at this point.  1.  It turns out that maybe Sidney Crosby was right about Marc-Andre Fleury.  Crosby told reporters that MAF needed [...]

The Penguins Are Back Where They Belong

00ppfront      The Penguins enjoyed a fine Thanksgiving weekend picking up four points over two inferior opponents.  It wasn’t long ago that they were a game under .500 and wondering when their game would come together.  Crosby took the reins and the Penguins found themselves where they belong — near the top of the Eastern Conference.  A tw [...]


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