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Penguins Lose On Opening Night at the New Console Energy Center

The Pens celebrating their first goal. I, much like the thousands of other Pens fans, was super excited about heading down to the CEC for the opening of the regular season.  The night had all the elements of a huge experience.  There was the first meaningful game at the new building, the anticipation of a great season, the prospect of watching  the new players and the fact that th [...]

Prediction: Penguins Evgeni Malkin will win the scoring title

pp0124 This might not seem at first like that bold of a prediction considering Evgeni Malkin won the scoring title two years ago. In 67 games last year Malkin managed only 77 points and finished 19th overall in scoring. Not that shabby considering he was not only hampered by a shoulder injury most of the season, he was also hampered by the lack of a [...]

Opening Night Consol Energy Center – Unpublished Construction Photos

cec14 Here are 15 never published photos from the phones and cameras of PenguinPoop friends and fans like Nick the “HungoverGoalie” from the Local 3 (that’s him standing on the beam below), Jon the project manager with Mitsubishi and Billy “Ogie Ogilthorpe” G drywaller extraordinaire. It was incredible having photos li [...]

Brooks Orpik and Jordan Staal named Alternate Captains

00ppfront Before I dive right in to the subject of the alternate captains, there is a lot of “new” stuff going on right now.  The “new” look Pens are about to start a “new” season in a brand “new” arena.  So, it seems like a good time for me to become the “new” kid on the block around here.  I [...]

I Know Nothing: The Official Wash Your Hockey Jersey Day Edition

ss001 Well, it was a long Summer but alas hockey season is finally here!  Lots to look forward to including a new arena (The Powerhouse) and the upcoming Winter Classic.  Bristling with excitement I stopped by our new home office atop the splendid PPG plaza to collect my mail from the off season.  Special thanks to Rudy from Manitoba, Canadia for s [...]

Penguins Alex Goligoski is ready to fill Gonchars Shoes

Alex Goligoski Having patrolled the Pittsburgh Penguins blue line for the last five years Sergei Gonchar’s time with the Penguins didn’t start out great as many booed him his first year, mainly because his productivity didn’t equal his salary. By the time Gonchar’s five years were all said and done, Gonchar was a hero and a fan favor [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins 2010 – 2011 Salary Cap Numbers

Pittsburgh Penguins 2011 Salary Cap Pittsburgh Penguins 2012 Salary Cap Numbers.  This list has the Salary numbers up until the last year that a Penguin is signed. 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.   The Penguins have about $1.1 million is usable cap space left this year before the trade deadline.  Ray Shero is known for liking to keep at least 1 million in salary cap in [...]

Brett Sterling could be to Sidney Crosby what Scorin Warren was to Lemieux

Brett Sterling AHL All-Star This is going back a few years, but when Mario Lemieux first broke into the league in 1984 the Penguins brought up 28 year old minor league winger Warren Young who went on to have a career high 40 goals then unceremoniously left for Detroit and a large paycheck. Brett Sterling AHL All-Star Earlier this summer the Atlanta Thrashers dumped 26 y [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins New Consol Energy Center Fails Where it Counts Most

1st Game Consol Energy Center I have a novel idea for the re-use of the Civic Arena. Have the Pittsburgh Penguins play there. I apologize for not succumbing to the Penguins forcing the “there is not a bad seat in the new Consol Energy Center” down my throat, but I waited until I actually saw a game there to make sure my assumption was true. You can dress the p [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins Open up Console Energy Center Tomorrow Night Against Detroit

00ppfront I have to say, this is as excited as I have been to go and watch a pre-season hockey game. The thrill of witnessing live hockey (not practice) in the new digs, just the fact that hockey is back and the added intrigue of new additions to the line-up make for a potentially exciting night. And, let’s not forget, the opponent is the the d [...]


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