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Video: PK Subban Tries to Take Off Rupp’s Head – No Penalty!

00ppfront Surely everyone in Pittsburgh is familiar with PK Subban’s antics.  You remember the guy who purposely swung his leg out to trip Jordan Staal and had his skate blade go through the top of Staal’s foot.  This time Subban purposely swings his stick at Mike Rupp’s head trying to injure him because he is upset he got checked.  T [...]

Vandelay’s Coffee Talk with ex-Penguin Jason Woolley

Jason Woolley Jason Woolley had a front row seat to two of the weirder things that went on in the 90’s and sandwiched right in between he spent part of a season with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Jason came to Pittsburgh along with Stu Barnes in a trade that sent Chris Wells to the Florida Panthers one year after Jason helped eliminate the Penguins from [...]

Penguins Coach Bylsma Deserves Jack Adams Award Consideration

pp0268 The Pittsburgh Penguins have just awarded head coach Dan Bylsma a very well deserved 3 year contract extension. Bylsma has been keeping the 2010-2011 roller coaster ride of a season on steady course and it is about time he gets some accolades from the rest of the NHL. The Penguins had Scotty Bowman coach them , he has won the award 3 times wi [...]

Vandelay’s Coffee Talk with Phil Pritchard and his Stanley Cup Secrets

Phil Pritchard I recently caught up with Phil Pritchard and he was telling me what the first thing Sidney Crosby wanted to do with the Stanley Cup on his day with the Cup.  You may know Phil from the credit card commercial where he is stuck in the airport with the Stanley Cup.  You may have seen him polishing the Stanley Cup with his famous white gloves rig [...]

Islanders Organization, Jack Capuano and Garth Snow Continue to Embarrass NHL

00ppfront UPDATE:  On Friday, March 4, the NHL suspended Gilles for 10 games, and he will forfeit over $60,000 in salary.  Not one member of the Islanders organization accompanied him to his hearing in Toronto It has now been four weeks since the infamous Penguins/Islanders debacle of February 11th.  To all of the Islanders fans that posted here about [...]

The Penguins Playoff Push starts tonight

10_06_06_stanley_cup[1] To coin a phrase, today is the first day of the rest of the season.  Now that the trade deadline has come and gone, the Penguins will now focus on the final 18 games of the regular season and try to finish as high in the standings as they can.  They currently sit in fourth place with 80 points, six points behind division leader Philadelphia( [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins 2011 Trade Deadline Day

00ppfront PITTSBURGH PENGUINS MOVES: Ray Shero has said that the Pittsburgh Penguins have made no moves today. (more…)

Taking a Shift with Brian Duff

Brian_Duff_NHL-NET_325x183 Unless you are not a hockey fan or have been living in Outer Mongolia for the past four years (and in either case, I’m not sure what you’re doing on this site), then you know Brian Duff as the host of the best hockey show on television, NHL Network’s nightly News/Highlights/Wrap-up/ show, “On The Fly”.  While th [...]

Vandelay’s Coffee Talk with Craig Button

Craig Button I had the luck of having a phone conversation with NHL on the Fly’s analyst Craig Button yesterday right after the Penguins traded for Alexei Kovalev.   I say luck because this time of year with all the trades going on Craig is an extremely busy person being that he also writes for ESPN Insider and NHL.com.  Craig’s father Jack wa [...]

Penguins trade for Kovalev puts Crosby’s return in doubt

images[3] —————————> The Penguins today reacquired Alexi Kovalev today from the Ottawa Senators for a conditional 7th round pick in the 2011 entry draft.  The pick could change to a 6th round one if the Penguins advance beyond the first round of this year’s playoffs and if Kovalev plays in [...]


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