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Buffalo Signs Jordan Leopold to 3 year $9 Million Dollar Deal

00ppfront Penguins loaner defenseman Jordan Leopold signed a 3 year, 3 million dollar a year deal will Buffalo after the Penguins most likely didn’t offer him a contract or enough money.  List of Pittsburgh Penguins free agents:   2010 Pittsburgh Penguins Free Agents

Dan Hamhuis to the Canucks, 6 Year 27 Million Dollar Contract

00ppfront Ray Shero lost the Hamhuis sweepstakes or did he?  Shero traded a draft pick for the right to try to sign Hamhuis and failed.  Then today Shero ended up with two better defensemen,  Zbynek Michalek from Phoenix and Paul Martin from the New Jersey, both are now signed to long term contracts. Michalek a 5 year deal worth $20 million and Paul Ma [...]

Martin Signs with the Penguins

00ppfront It’s official. The Pens have signed Paul Martin to a 5 year 25 million dollar contract.

TSN reporting

00ppfront Pens are negotiating with John Madden

Are the Penguins Getting Paul Martin

00ppfront Pierre Mcguire is reporting that the Pens are very close to signing Paul Martin.

Pittsburgh Penguins Sign Defensive Help

00ppfront It would appear that maybe Ray Shero had a back-up plan in the likely event that Gonchar or Hamhuis would not sign. The Pens have pried Zbynek Michalek from the Phoenix Coyotes. Michalek fills the need for a defensive defensemen. The Pens signed Michalek to a 5 year deal totaling 20 million. 2010 Pittsburgh Penguins Free Agents

Sergei Gonchar to Ottawa for $5.5M a year for 3 Years

00ppfront TSN has reported that Sergei Gonchar has signed a three year deal with the Ottawa Senators for $5.5 Million a year including a no-trade clause.  This clears a big chunk of money for Ray Shero to start signing away this afternoon, possibly defenseman Anton Volchenkov from Ottawa in what would be a huge win for the Penguins.  We will keep updat [...]

Penguins GM Ray Shero looks to fill specific needs with draft & free agency

pp0247 About a week ago when Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ray Shero was interviewed about the impending draft he said “In terms of needs, I think in the first round you are going for the best upside that fits your criteria as an organization. When you get into the later rounds you might look for a specific need or to fill some of the depth you might have [...]

Report: Penguins trade Sergei Gonchar’s negotiating rights to Sharks

00ppfront There are reports all over the internet and radio this morning that the Penguins have traded Sergei Gonchar’s negotiating rights to the San Jose Sharks.  This would give the Sharks exclusive rights to negotiate with Gonchar up until July 1st.  This would also mean that Ray Shero and Gonchar’s negotiations have hit an impass.  Gonc [...]

Matt Cooke and Ben Lovejoy agree to 3 year deals with the Pittsburgh Penguins

00ppfront In the last 24 hours Penguin GM Ray Shero has came to 3 year terms with winger Matt Cooke and Penguins up and coming defenseman Ben Lovejoy.  Lovejoy was signed yesterday to a 3 year deal paying him .525 Million the first year in a two way contract where he will get paid less if he plays for the WBS Penguins and then .525 million each year fo [...]


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