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PenguinPoop Photos: The Winter Classic a Weekend to Remember…

Winter Classic Sorry you haven’t heard from any of us over the weekend. We said we were going to party like rock stars and here is a photo blog of the proof. We made promises to certain people not to show all of the pictures, but here is what we were allowed to: Unfortunately or fortunately for you guys, Art Vandelay is the only writer on PenguinPoop [...]

Video: Funny Winter Classic Commercial – Outtakes — Benstonium

00ppfront Benstonium somehow managed to find never seen before double top secret hidden outtakes from the filming of the Winter Classic Commercial that the NHL doesn’t want people to see featuring Sidney Crosby and Ovechkin. View more great video’s at Benstonium.com

Pens Fans: PLEASE Stop the “WOO”

WOO I have to get this out there before tonight’s home game… This could possibly be the most important post I make all season.  If you’ve been to a game since the second half of last season, you will probably understand why. The “WOO” has become the most annoying thing to overtake Pens games.  Even more annoying than the wave.  It sta [...]

Malkin is on Board for the Penguins

00ppfront I just talked to a media relations director with the Penguins and you will never believe what he told me.   He had a conversation with Malkin around the time that my post ‘Is It Time to Consider Trading Malkin?’ hit the internet.  Geno told him that after reading it, he realized he was not playing up to potential and was letting t [...]

NHL’s Handling of Winter Classic Tickets Fails Once Again

WC Ticket in BFE If there is a worse way for a professional sport to handle distribution of tickets I’m sure the NHL will be the first ones to adopt it. The Winter Classic game could be about the garnering of new fans, but instead the NHL is distancing itself from the fan base it already has. I’m going to start with Season Ticket Holders.I will gi [...]

PenguinPoop in commercial for the Fan 93.7, Seibel and Starkey

00ppfront A few of us PenguinPoop writers are in yet another commercial for 93.7 the Fan, once again STH35, Champ Kind Reg Dunlop and I are in a commercial for Seibel and Starkey.  Big thanks to PenguinSteve-O, a frequenter of our blog who is also in the commercial, for finding and sending this to us.    

Penguins prospects not the only reason to watch the World Junior Championships

World U20 Buffalo After this article was written, both Philip Samuelsson and Brandon Saad were cut from the US roster on the last day of cuts. They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and if you are a hockey fan like me, it certainly is.  The NHL season is in full swing, the Penguins are near the top of the entire NHL in points, the Winter C [...]

Is It Time to Consider Trading Malkin?

Malkin Is it time to consider trading 71?  I never thought that I would be able to consider this as a possibility.  After watching the winning streak, the last four games without him. and the two game losing streak with him scoring all three goals, I am open to the thought.  Bylsma likes his team to play North-South hockey.  Every player on the tea [...]

WANG DANG SWEET LeTANG! (That’s French for “The Tang”!)

southside shultzie A long time ago I thought I said something wrong, but I was mistaken. That said, I feel the need to bow my gigantic noggin and ask for forgiveness from one Kris Letang and all of his, and our, fans for…well… (let me clear my throat)…being wrong! Last year I made note of #58’s inability to hit the net and unfairly compared him to Gonchar on th [...]

HBO 24/7 has Capitals and Penguins Players Acting Different On the Ice

HBO 24/7 Winter Classic NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmen trying to get all of his Ducks in a row for when the NHL contract with Versus television runs out this after this season.   Many NHL fans are unhappy with the Pittsburgh Penguins getting their second Winter Classic game while their team hasn’t even played one.  Bettman hoping for a ratings bonanza is clamor [...]


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