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Gameday poop: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Montreal Canadiens Round 2 Preview

Crosby & Halak Don’t let the Montreal Canadiens #8 seed fool you. They had injuries all season just like the Penguins did and are a very good team. Just ask Washington. They have a solid all around team, good coaching, good goaltending, solid experienced defense and a very fast offense. Do they have what it takes to beat a Pittsburgh Penguins team tha [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Montreal Canadiens Playoff Predictions

mdvscanadiens This has all happened before… In 1998 the exact same group of teams from the Eastern Conference made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs. The exact same seeds advanced past the first round, 4th, 6th, 7th & 8th with the 4th place team going to the finals and played of all teams, the Detroit Red Wings. In 1998 the Montreal Canadiens elimin [...]

Penguins playing the Montreal Candiens next, Schedule announced!

vscanadiens  The Pittsburgh Penguins will be playing Montreal first game Friday night at 7PM Here is the Official NHL Schedule:   Friday, April 30 at Pittsburgh, 7:00 p.m. CBC, RDS, VERSUS Sunday, May 2 at Pittsburgh, 2:00 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS Tuesday, May 4 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. CBC, RDS, VERSUS Thursday, May 6 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. CBC, RDS, [...]

Penguins Powerplay Improves While Yeo is Absent

00ppfront Playoff success is often determined by the play of the special teams.  The Penguins penalty killing, which was a strength all year, did not do well against Ottawa.  The Senators were able to convert on 31.8% of their chances.  That is much higher than the 15.9% success rate of opponents over the course of the regular season.  The reason that [...]

The Canadiens are out coaching and out playing the Capitals

00ppfront Who the Penguins play next round will be determined by the winner of the Washington Capitals vs. the Montreal Canadiens game tonight. If the Capitals win we play Boston, if the Canadiens win we play the Canadiens. I’m not so sure that I would rather play the Canadiens. Having them eliminate the Caps in the first round is very enticing, [...]

I Know Nothing: Penguins vs Flyer tickets? Don Cherry is dead Edition

shultzikncherry I stopped in our downtown office last night to answer all the hand written letters sent to us. Since we are too cheap to pay for stamps, I’m answering the letters online. Can8ENbacon writes:   Hey Shultzie, why do you hate Don Cherry so much?  This one’s easy, it’s not as much  I don’t like him, the truth is he hates [...]

Poll: Who would you like to see as the Penguins 2nd Round Opponent?

[poll id="7"] Ask any of the Penguins players which team they would rather face in the second round of the playoffs, and they’ll all most likely give the same stock answer, “It doesn’t matter to me”  On the other hand, I’m sure like me, you all have a preference about which team you would like to see the Penguin [...]

Craig Adams is an Important Role Player for the Penguins

00ppfront To win in the playoffs, all hands have to be on deck.  With one series complete, the Pens have already used seven defensemen, 14 forwards, and one goalie.  All 22 of these players had a role to play in the win over Ottawa.   One player who does his job on a consistent basis, but is often overlooked, is Craig Adams.  Adams is a Harvard grad an [...]

Penguins’ superior depth finally does in Ottawa

00ppfront Whew, let’s all catch our collective breaths now that the first round is finally over.  It sure didn’t look like we’d be saying that about midway through the second period last night as the Penguins trailed the Sentaors 3 – 0 at the 9:48 mark.  Someone apparently forgot to tell the Penguins that the puck dropped at 7:0 [...]

Gameday Poop Game 6: Penguins vs Senators – Preview

pp0231 The Penguins need to find that desire that got them up in this series 3-1 and they need to find it fast. While the Senators didn’t lie down and hand the last game to the Penguins like everybody thought, they did lie down and block shots, 46 of them. The good news is the Pens seem to play a way better game up in Ottawa. Even though Marc [...]


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