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Poll: Who would you like to see as the Penguins 2nd Round Opponent?

[poll id="7"] Ask any of the Penguins players which team they would rather face in the second round of the playoffs, and they’ll all most likely give the same stock answer, “It doesn’t matter to me”  On the other hand, I’m sure like me, you all have a preference about which team you would like to see the Penguin [...]

Craig Adams is an Important Role Player for the Penguins

00ppfront To win in the playoffs, all hands have to be on deck.  With one series complete, the Pens have already used seven defensemen, 14 forwards, and one goalie.  All 22 of these players had a role to play in the win over Ottawa.   One player who does his job on a consistent basis, but is often overlooked, is Craig Adams.  Adams is a Harvard grad an [...]

Penguins’ superior depth finally does in Ottawa

00ppfront Whew, let’s all catch our collective breaths now that the first round is finally over.  It sure didn’t look like we’d be saying that about midway through the second period last night as the Penguins trailed the Sentaors 3 – 0 at the 9:48 mark.  Someone apparently forgot to tell the Penguins that the puck dropped at 7:0 [...]

Gameday Poop Game 6: Penguins vs Senators – Preview

pp0231 The Penguins need to find that desire that got them up in this series 3-1 and they need to find it fast. While the Senators didn’t lie down and hand the last game to the Penguins like everybody thought, they did lie down and block shots, 46 of them. The good news is the Pens seem to play a way better game up in Ottawa. Even though Marc [...]

As Predicted, Penguins Defeat Ottawa in Six

00ppfront Many people, including myself, predicted that the Penguins would win this series in six games.  So why should we be surprised when that is going to be the case?  For some reason, the Penguins cannot find a way to finish things up at home.  This is the third consecutive time that they have failed to do so.  The previous two, they went to Phill [...]

Penguins Fail to End Series At Home Against Senators

PensSensGm5 Unfortunately, I did not get to watch the whole game as I had to work a particularly long day today.  I missed the first period.  From the point that I started watching until the end of regulation, I thought the Pens dominated.  The overtime period was a little bit different with the Senators showing more determination. Ottawa actually got so [...]

Gameday Poop Game 5: Penguins vs Senators – The Elimination Game

Canada's Best Crosby The Penguins had a chance last year to eliminate both the Flyers and Capitals at Mellon Arena and both times they failed. Tonight the Penguins have a chance to eliminate the Ottawa Senators from this years playoffs by simply winning the game. The reward is probably what amounts to a week off. The Senators aren’t about to roll over and s [...]

Fleury gives the Penguins a huge advantage over every other team

It was just over a week ago that many so called “fans” of the Pittsburgh Penguins were ready to run Marc-Arndre Fleury out of town.  The Penguins had just come off of a 5 -4 loss to the Ottawa Senators in Game 1 of their best of 7 series in which the “Flower” gave up 5 goals on 26 shots.  This equated to a pedestrian [...]

Will Fedetenko Be Needed Again by the Penguins?

00ppfront Ruslan Fedetenko, a career playoff overachiever, was benched after Game One.  It was the right move by Coach Bylsma.  He had a sub-par season, the biggest minus on the team, and did not play with the edge necessary to make him an effective player.  Rupp was in the wings and ready to take his spot in the lineup.  Rupp has done his job and for [...]

Random thoughts on Penguins/Ottawa Series

00ppfront I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but you might have a hard time convincing me the Eastern Coference isn’t shaping up exactly like the NHL would like with Pittsburgh and Washington not meeting until the Conference Finals and the Pens getting a second round match up with Boston just as Marc Savard is returning from the concussio [...]


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