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Montreal vs Philadelphia – Who does the NHL want to win this the least?

pp0244 Two of the NHL’s biggest “Us Against the World” teams will be going head to head and the media factions of both teams are primed and ready to kick it into full throttle the second one of the teams gets down a goal. The only thing that both cities know for sure is that the NHL wants both of these teams to lose this series and [...]

2010 Pittsburgh Penguins Free Agents

00ppfront Here is a current list of Pitttsburgh Penguin players who’s contracts are up and become free agents as of 12:01 pm, July 1st 2010. Click here for the 2011 list:  Pittsburgh Penguins 2011 Free Agent List Click here if you are looking for all of the Pittsburgh Penguin salary cap numbers: Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 – 2010 Salary Cap Numbers [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins Dan Bylsma: Should he be held accountable?

Disco Dan I was one of the likely ones to have a ticket to game 7 last night to the Montreal Canadiens vs. Pittsburgh Penguins. Let me rephrase that I was one of the unlucky ones. The first 5 seconds of the game were awesome, then after Sidney Crosby was called for a marginal penalty, then the rest went down hill.Montreal jumped out to an early two go [...]

Now is not the time for Penguins to make panic moves

culkin                                                                                                                                                                              Sure the season came to an abruptly surprising end last night as with the teams that were remaining alive in the Eastern Conference, most people expected the Penguins to s [...]

Syl Apps, Mario Lemieux, Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby, and the Civic Arena

The Civic Arena has given me many great memories, and I will never forget it.  I’ve created a desktop wallpaper to commemorate the different eras that played inside.  This season didn’t go as planned, but it was still another great season of hockey to watch.  I can’t wait for all the new memories at the new arena. (more&hel [...]

Pictures from the last game at the Civic Arena

1 second left in the last game What a long great trip it’s been. Since the moment the Penguins stepped on the ice on October 5th 2007 the Penguins have been in contention for the Stanley Cup every single day that an NHL game was played right up until May 13th 2010, longer than any other team in the NHL.  A bunch of big stick taps from me to the Pens, it was an incred [...]

Gameday Poop: Pittsburgh vs Montreal – Game 7 – Down & Dirty

Malkin & Crosby Many of the Penguins players will be facing their favorite childhood team in a game seven playoff game that they’ve played over and over in their younger heads scoring the game winning goal for the Canadiens. It’s time to trample the ghosts of their childhood heroes, it’s time to spit in the face of 100 years of hockey histo [...]

Penguins/Canadiens – Game Seven

00ppfront The Montreal Canadiens have forced a Game Seven.  You have to give them credit.  Once they got behind, facing elimination, they played their best hockey of the series.  The Penguins were not able to create the same level of desperation.  As Steigy once said, “You can’t play with desperation unless you’re desperate.”  N [...]

Unlocking Halak

mellon_arena060209vs_det640 The combination reads 87, 71, and 17,132.  Tomorrow night’s game 7 will be a home game, where the stars need to shine.  No better way to spend 60 minutes than with your heart in your throat, on the edge of your seat, tearing out your hair, and jumping up and down.  The home ice advantage is one I’ve noticed more in this series tha [...]

Pens Lose to Montreal as Series Goes to Game 7

00ppfront The Pens got outworked in this game.  It was almost as if they thought they had already won this game.  Montreal played with the desperation of a team that was facing elimination, the Pens played like they didn’t need to try and win each and every battle. For that, they get to come home and try and win this series in the seventh game. Y [...]


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