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Stanley Cup Sightings

cupsight01     A big thanks to PenguinPooper – PenguinSteve-O who has sent us in our first cup sighting, here is his girlfriend Lisa with Dan Bylsma and the Stanley Cup this morning (June 13th).                       Brian’ story:  Stacie (my wife) works at One Chatam Center.  That’s where the Pens home office is.  She called me to t [...]

What a Night…What a Season!

pic3 Well, our beloved team showed the grit and determination they needed to give us fans the ultimate moment in hockey.  I just want to wish all the players, coaches and the rest of the organization, congratulations.  I would like to thank the team for giving me and the rest of the fans a fantastic ride.   (more…)

Pens Win the Cup….Pens Win the Cup!

00ppfront This is f..in awesome!  More to come tomorrow.

GameDay Poop: Stanley Cup Game 7 Prediction – The Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Redwings

At a few minutes after 8pm tonight, a puck will be dropped inside the Joe Lewis Arena in downtown Detroit and the hopes and aspirations of 40 NHLers and millions of fans will be riding on a 60 minute battle to the end. All bets will be off. Lord Stanley’s Cup will be polished behind the scenes, fans from both cities will be figuring out [...]

Penguins/Red Wings for ALL the Marbles

All the Marbles All the Marbles Max Talbot flipped the puck to center ice as the clock ticked to zero.  “Meet me in the schoolyard for all the marbles on Friday night in Detroit!”  — Mike Lange put it out there as only he can and the stage is set.  Personally I need the two days of rest.  It should be just the right amount of time for every [...]

Hossa… a Detroit Red Wing JINX

fleury-stops-hossa Here we are off to the JLA… and really – why the heck are we so happy? Our Flightless Birdies are 0 for 3 there. Crosby is a MINUS 3 and no points in those games. Our late season additions Guerin and Kunitz combined have ZIPPO points and are a combined MINUS 4. Someone must have done something there, right… yet Gonch [...]

Pens Dig Deep: Force Game 7 in Detroit

staalfingm6 Wow, what a game!  What a night.  These Penguins played a very desperate game just as they needed to.  This was a true team effort.  On a night where both Crosby and Malkin were held off of the scoresheet and had only two shots between them, the rest of the team picked up the slack and put the game away.  Everybody chipped in with gutsy effor [...]

GameDay Poop: Stanley Cup Game 6 Prediction – The Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Redwings

To raise Lord Stanley’s silver chalice, all the Penguins need to do is win two games in a row. They have won two games in a row 18 times already this season including once already against Detroit a few days ago. They have already played a “must win or your playoffs are over” game and won it fairly easily, and they have alrea [...]

Pens Fall Flat: Detroit Takes 3-2 Advantage

fleuryfingm51 For the first part of the opening period I thought the the Pens were on track to take one in Detroit.  They were dominating play in a very fast-paced first period.  When Detroit’s Niklas Kronwall took a tripping penalty, I thought the Pens were poised to take this game over.  Unfortunately, momentum has a way of shifting the flow of a g [...]

Penguins Big 3 are the Keys to Victory

The Now and the Future The Now and the Future As a 35+ years Penguin fan, there is only one thing I truly need to witness — that is the Penguins skating around the Mellon Arena ice with the Stanley Cup.  In 1991 and 1992 we had to drive to the airport to be a part of the celebration.  In the Gypsy Pool, I picked the Penguins to win in six, knowing that mean [...]


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