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Pens Pound Flyers…Pens Pound Flyers….

59155509 What could be cooler than watching the Pittsburgh Penguins completely dismantle the Philadelphia Flyers?

Evgeni Malkin at the Point on Power Play, Finally!

00ppfront The Penguins practiced today with Malkin at the point on the power play.  The Penguins play Philadelphia tonight and the last thing the Penguins need would be the Flyers being able to cheap shot them without any recourse.  The Penguin power play is ranked 29th out of 30 in the NHL.  The number one power play in the league at 24% has forward O [...]

Penguins Winning Ways

00ppfront The Penguins have a record of 22-10-1.  One point behind the Capitals, and even with the Devils in the East.  When you look at all of the things that are going on with this team, injury-wise and stat-wise, you have to wonder — how did they achieve this outstanding record?  On the injury chart — Talbot has missed 2/3 of the season, [...]

When is Fluery Going to Win a Game?

pp0145 Watching the refs lose sight of the puck and negate a goal for the Canadians on Thursday night which would have tied the score up late in the game, I started to wonder when the last time Marc-Andre Fluery won a game for the Penguins.  I’m not talking about him putting a W in his win column, Fleury is ranked 2nd in the league in that. I& [...]

Pens Outlast Canadiens

00ppfront The first thing that comes to mind after having watched the Pens get 41 shots on goal tonight is; what is going to happen when more of these many opportunities start going in the net?  The Penguins are shooting the puck with great frequency.  It just seems that the shots are not going in with as much frequency as everyone would like. It is ju [...]

Pittsburgh PenguinPoops for December 04 2009

philadelphiacryer Philadelphia Flyers fired their coach John Stevens.  I guess maybe the GM would like them to have a playoff spot.  As a matter of fact, 3 of the 4 teams the Penguins ousted from the playoffs last year would not be in the playoffs right now if the playoffs started today.  Detroit, Philadelphia and Carolina are all below the Mendoza line.  The [...]

The Tanking Fedotenko

pp0143 It was a long November for Ruslan Fedotenko.  In 14 games he amassed 1 goal and a whopping 3 assists.  The amazing part of his ignoble point total in November is he accomplished it while on Sidney Crosby’s or Evgeni Malkin’s line.  For 3 games he was on a line with both Crosby and Malkin, and he saw substantial powerplay time.  He [...]

Stupid is as stupid does

00ppfront This has to be one of the stupidest plays you will ever see in the NHL, and had it happened to a player on an opposing team, you would be looking at one hell of a suspension, I’m not sure what the penalty is for doing it to your own teammate though.  Keith Ballard almost decapitates Vokoun

The Pens Pound Rangers……Again

00ppfront Though the game did not have the kind of fireworks that I would have expected, given the way the game went Saturday, it was great to see the Pens hand it to their division rivals once again. The Rangers did start the game with quite a bit of energy and determination.  They dominated play for the first part of the first period.  If not for the [...]

Couple of quick updates.

00ppfront What an awesome spectacle it was being at night when Sid got his hat trick. It’s funny he wasn’t complaining to the refs about how long it took to clean up the mess this time. Goligoski’s groin is acting up again, and apparently he will not play tonight. I know it’s early, more like way too early, to get excited, but [...]


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