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Pens Continue Undefeated Road Trip: Beat Sens

Tyler Kennedy Do you think that Tyler Kennedy read my recent post where I challenged his ability to finish.  If he did, he apparently set out to prove me wrong tonight. He had two goals tonight.  One of those goals was a wonderful slapshot.  He is really playing well.  In fact, the third line in general is playing consistently well.  Even when Staal has sp [...]

Great new Pittsburgh Penguin 2009 playoff highlight reel

00ppfront I don’t know if Penguin Poop poster STH35’s kid “GotMalkin” spent every minute since the Pens won the cup making this video but it sure looks like it. Mike Lange fans will like how his calls have been edited in. Enjoy! Thanks GotMalkin!

Who fights more like a girl Hartnell or Semin?

00ppfront After Kris Letang dropped Scottie Hartnell to the ice like a rag doll last night Hartnell decided to fight like a girl by biting Letangs hand.  I do not have Hartnell video but below is the video of Semin’s fight with Jordan Staal’s brother: We already know which one looks more like a girl the question is: [poll id=”4″ [...]

Pens Rebound to Beat Flyers 5-4

00ppfront As is always the case when these two teams get together, the game had a lot to offer. There was some good physical play, exciting moments, a fight, lots of pushing and shoving, some great play and a tight game to the end.  I certainly feel like the Pens got back on track tonight.  They definitely looked like they came to play.  They played be [...]

Pens Lose to Coyotes

Therrien Wow, I haven’t witnessed a lackluster performance like that since the Penguins were trying to get Michel Therrien fired.  The Coyotes looked like a team that wanted to send a message to the Stanley Cup champs.  The Pens were outplayed in every aspect of the game…….except for taking penalties.  Nine times the Pens were shorth [...]

Here is one to ponder.

00ppfront I, unfortunately, did not get to see the Pens vs. Islanders game. Glad to see they won. 2-0 is nice way to start. I was listening to Mark Madden on the 105.9, the X, the other day and he threw and interesting question out to his listeners. He asked everyone which opposing team do they now hate the most. It is interesting because, as Penguin f [...]

Pens Win Opener: Beat Rangers 3-2

00ppfront It was an electrifying evening at the old Igloo last night.  I think the town was buzzing more last night then any of the Stanley Cup games.  Everyone was in town early last night.  All of the usual watering holes were extra crowded, traffic was crazy and everywhere you looked you could see Penguin’s gear.  For a miserable, rainy night, [...]

A new Pittsburgh Penguin season and a Festivus of stupid banners

banners Your gonna have to take my word for it that I’m happy as a peach that the new season starts this evening. Last season was one hell of a ride and I look forward to the same this season, which is part of the problem, which is why I’m going to start this season like Festivus and air out my grievances. The number one grievance I have [...]

EASTERN REP – Penguins, Flyers, Capitals, Bruins

pens flyers Most of the web site scriptures and hockey mags have selected the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals finishing ahead of our Penguins. I may be looking at this all wrong but I think it’s going to be a battle between the Pens and the Flyers. Here’s the reasoning… The Flyers (bless their soul) are in another one of the goal [...]

Pens Lose Again in Pre-season

00ppfront The Pens, featuring about 2/3 of their starting lineup, lost tonight in Montreal. Both Crosby and Malkin played as well as the likes of Gonchar, Guerin and Kunitz. It seems like maybe the roster has been pretty much decided. Simon Despres did play again despite the fact that he will be returned to the Juniors. Again, management is taking [...]


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