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Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Sabres – March 2 – He’s Back!

pp0182 Sidney Crosby returns home to the igloo tonight irrefutably the best player in hockey right now. In nine months this 22 year old has won both the Stanley Cup and the Gold medal in style. Captain Crosby led the Penguins in goals last playoff season and he got the game winner in overtime of the Gold Medal Game at the Olympics. Even though he is [...]

Top 5 reason NHLers don’t want to go to Olympic Games in Russia

00ppfront 1. Back Bacon is better than Borscht 2. The Beer is much better in Canada 3. 8 hour time difference means games played in prime time in Russia will be on at noon on East Coast and 9:00 AM on West Coast. 4. Because we all want to see Ted Leonsis’ reaction when Oven-Chicken and Alex Seamen leave the Caps in mid season to go play for Mothe [...]

Penguins Trade 2nd Round Draft pick for Jordon Leopold

00ppfront Pending league approval, the Pittsburgh Penguins have picked up 6′ 1″ Florida Panthers defenseman Jordan Leopold  for a 2nd round draft pick.   Leopold’s salary and cap hit is $1.75 million and he will become a unrestricted free agent at the end of this season. 29 year old Leopold has played for 4 different teams, the Pengui [...]

Sad, Happy & Indifferent. USA Loses in Overtime

00ppfront It was a sad day for the USA hockey team and to be honest after such a big loss I’ve never felt more indifferent. I watched the Gold Medal game with a bunch of hockey buddies and when it ended I was prepared to be exuberant or offset. I was not prepared to be indifferent and I still don’t know whether to cry or wind my watch. I am [...]

Gameday Poop – Miracle on Ice Part 3 – USA vs Canada

pp0178 The USA has won the Hockey Gold medal at the Olympics only twice in 90 years. Both times the USA won, the year ended in zero, as a matter of fact they won the last two times the Winter Olympics were held on a year ending with a Zero. Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik was named after the coach of the 1980 USA Hockey team Herb Brooks. Put it al [...]

I Know Nothing – Own the Imodium – Olympic Edition

Here’s one for the “Own the Podium” project!  Or shall I say “Own the Imodium” project!  I’ve had enough of the entitlement and arrogance that the Canadian fans AND players have exhibited!  Did anyone else notice how Martin Brodeur showed up a day before Canada’s first game with freshly frosted tips a [...]

A Vote for Olympic Hockey

Olympic-Logo I really enjoy watching Olympic hockey.  As a hockey fan, I don’t know how you couldn’t.  The games are fast-paced, the skill level is awesome, the energy level is incredible.  Add the patriotism and you get a tremendous tournament.  Do these games benefit the NHL?  Probably not much.  Has NBC given hockey maximum exposure?  No &# [...]

Olympic hockey isn’t better… just ask NBC

much better hockey As the games go on so do the lemmings who think this Olympic hockey is the best there is… it isn’t.        For those that can’t remember when the NHL took their momentum break from playing 4 games a week… there were six teams (Flyers, Boston, Montreal, Tampa Bay, NY Rangers, and Atlanta) battling for three playoff spot [...]

Olympic Hockey Thoughts… So Far. Plus Crosby vs. Orpik Round 1

pp0176 The big win by the U.S.A. hockey team was much more for them than just a moral victory. The victory put them in first place in the standings and their path to the medal games do not go through Canada, Russia or the 2006 Gold medal winning Sweden team plus they get a first round bye. As for Sidney Crosby, his team dug themselves into a hole th [...]


00ppfront That Canada vs USA game was amazing.  Fun to watch from start to finish.


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