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From Russia with Love: Malkin Leads Penguins Assault

Maybe my title—lifted from an old James Bond flick—isn’t politically correct. Especially given the heightened intrigue and tension present between east and west in our world today. But it sure was nice to see Evgeni Malkin back in the Penguins’ lineup last night. Like a giant Sukhoi Superjet swooping in from Moscow’s Sheremetyovo Internationa [...]

Penguins Okay with Second Best

After reading Phil Krundle’s passionate, well-thought, and superbly crafted feature on the state of the Penguins (and coach Dan Bylsma), I almost didn’t post this piece. It’s not nearly as comprehensive as Phil’s, but it represents a different point of view. In that spirit I decided to post it: I never thought I’d see the day when the Penguin [...]

Penguins Win Ninth in a Row: Blast Bruins 5-2

As the old saying goes, “the bigger they are the harder they fall.” The adage certainly held true during Sunday afternoon’s matinee battle between Pittsburgh and Boston. Painting a bulls-eye on mammoth defenseman Zdeno Chara, the Penguins cut the Bruins’ captain and his teammates down to size with a relentless physical assault en route to a 5 [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs. Devils – Bye Bye Sutter?

The NJ Devils are mired in a 5 game losing streak, “But now it’s time. I mean, the foot is down. Enough is enough.” said Brent Sutter.   That foot is down and is shaking in it’s boot.  In 2007 the Devil’s GM Lou Lamoriello fired coach Claude Julien on April 2nd (two years ago tomorrow)  and took over with a week [...]


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