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I Can Fix The Pittsburgh Penguin Power Play

The Penguins overtime win in Florida provided the all of the answers needed to right the sinking powerplay ship that has been taking on water since December 23rd, 2008. Everybody and their mom have the answers to make the powerplay work, most of them revolve around firing Mike Yeo and letting Tony Granato coach it. Not a poor idea in itself c [...]

GameDay Poop: Stanley Cup Game 7 Prediction – The Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Redwings

At a few minutes after 8pm tonight, a puck will be dropped inside the Joe Lewis Arena in downtown Detroit and the hopes and aspirations of 40 NHLers and millions of fans will be riding on a 60 minute battle to the end. All bets will be off. Lord Stanley’s Cup will be polished behind the scenes, fans from both cities will be figuring out [...]

Fleury Made the Difference in Game 7

Before this epic battle took place, as we tried to find a potential difference-maker in this series, we looked to the goaltenders.  Fleury would have the edge over Varlamov, and this would be the final determining factor over which team would advance.  It took seven games for that advantage to show up, but it did show up.  Now the Penguins ar [...]

GameDay Poop: The Penguins vs Capitals – Epic Game 7

This is it! At 7pm tonight the Sidney Crosby versus Alexander Ovechkin match up the NHL has been blabbing about for 3 years comes to a head. Toss an Evgeni Malkin and Simyon Varlamov into the mix and you have an combination so explosive that if you have a heart condition, you may want to sit this one out.  Five of the first 6 games were decid [...]

Crosby Deserving of the Title Superstar

At the start of the Pens-Caps match-up, I wrote a piece about the superstars playing in this series.  As one might have expected, one man again has risen above all of the rest.  Sidney Crosby has been outstanding in this series.  The captain has been able to bring his A-game to the ice on most every shift.  He leads the league in goals and po [...]

Empty Net Goals: Malkin, Ovechkin & Crosby

After watching Malkin & Crosby miss getting an empty net goal on probably about 5 attempts the other night at the Calgary game,   I started to wonder how many empty net points the players in the race for the Art Ross scoring leader trophy had amassed this season.  Apparently the NHL doesn’t keep that statistic among the thousands of [...]


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