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PP Bulletin: Penguins Acquire Brassard

Say this about Penguins GM Jim Rutherford. He sure ain’t bashful when it comes to makin’ big trades. In what figures to be the marquee deal of the 2018 trade deadline, JR acquired center Derick Brassard, forward prospect Vincent Dunn and a third-round pick in the 2018 Entry Draft from Ottawa for defenseman Ian Cole, goaltending pr [...]

Penguins Update: Youth is Served…or Vice Versa

Why, it’s getting to be a regular routine. Each year around this time, the Penguins dip into their farm system and pluck out a youthful nugget or two to spice up the mix. In 2016, they mined a veritable bonanza of kid forwards, not to mention goalie Matt Murray. Last season? Mid-season call-up Jake Guentzel lit up scoreboards around the leagu [...]

Penguins Update: Dear Prudence

The actual title of my article was going to be, Sometimes the Best Trades Are the Ones You Don’t Make. Since it’s a bit long and unwieldy, I figured I’d borrow my title from an old Beatles tune and call it Dear Prudence. I liked my new title so much I decided to look up prudence in the dictionary. Merriman-Webster defines it as 1) the ability [...]

Penguins History: Remembering Jags

When I learned Jaromir Jagr had passed through waivers last week and returned to his native Czech Republic—effectively ending his NHL career—I started to tap out some memories as a comment to an earlier post. As the recollections came flooding back, I decided to pull my comments and honor ‘Jags’ with a full-blown post. My timing’s a bit off, [...]

Penguins Make Me Believe (Again)

I admit. A month ago, I wouldn’t have given a plugged nickel for the Penguins’ chances of making the playoffs, let alone making any significant noise if they got there. After logging so many hard miles over the past couple of seasons, it truly appeared as if our boys were running on fumes. They’d simply played too much high-stakes hockey, cra [...]

The Caps called down the thunder; Malkin and the Penguins gave it to them

Wow! Just plain Wow! After watching that display of raw firepower, the Penguins win 7 – 4 over the Capitals, Wow! I was just sitting here thinking about this game; I was thinking about how Tom Wilson leaped up off his skates to hit Ian Cole with a high hit. I was thinking about T.j. Oshie crosschecking Kris Letang in the neck. I was thi [...]


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