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Gameday Poop: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings – January 31

pp0166 Game time is 12:30PM and can be seen in Super HD at the Igloo or on NBC  When the Penguins knocked off the reining Stanley Cup Champs last June, Detroit started to slowly fall apart. It started with Marian Hossa saying he wanted to keep playing in Detroit and then jumping ship for Chicago (sound familiar?) along with the Red Wings Tomas Kope [...]

Gameday Poop: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Rangers – January 25

pp0164 Game time is 7:00PM and can be seen in Super HD at MSG or regular HD on Versus Where is Marion Gaborik, where are the Rangers? The Rangers have been shut out in 4 of their last 7 games and are slowly playing themselves out of playoff contention. The big thing going for the Rangers this evening is that the Penguins have yet to ring up a shutou [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins Game Day Poop – Islanders – 1/19/10

pp0159 The Pens are back from their road trip worse for wear, but with a little good news, even though John Curry is penciled in as goaltender tonight Marc Andre Fleury did practice some this morning.  Brooks Orpik has been cleared to play and is might be in the lineup tonight. The Islanders chased Martin Brodeur out of net last night after two peri [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins Game Day Poop – 01/16/10 – Vancouver

pp0158 The Penguins play the Vancouver Canucks tonight at 10PM it will be shown in HD on Fox Sports Pittsburgh. Marc Andre Fleury has a fractured finger on his glove hand and with backup Brent Johnson already on IR the Penguins have John Curry the WBS Penguins all time winningest goaltender penciled in to start tonight’s game. As luck would ha [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins Game Day Poop – January 14, 2010 – Edmonton

pp0157 The Penguins play the Edmonton Oilers tonight at 9:30PM it will be shown in HD on Fox Sports Pittsburgh. Wow, the power play last night looked amazing, there was movement, they were blocking the goaltender’s view and the best part was that they weren’t just standing there. The players were actually using their skills and rotating [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins Game day Poops – January 13, 2010

The Penguins take on the Calgary Flames tonight at 9:30PM it will be shown in HD on Fox Sports Pittsburgh. Minnesota Wild’s Cal Clutterbuck is upset with the elbow that Sergei Gonchar delivered to his chops on Monday Night Clutterbutt said about Gonchar: “He better hope he retires at the end of the year, I’ll tell you that, [...]

Gameday Poop: Game 2 – Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Redwings – Stanley Cup Finals

The Penguins started the game out last night very tentative, and by the time they got on a roll, Detroit was already in their trap system because of the two freak goals that they got. Dan Bylsma has done a fantastic coaching job this post season, but the one thing he could have stood to do was be a little more pro active in the line-up chang [...]

Game Day Poop: Stanley Cup – Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings Preview

Last year the star struck Pittsburgh Penguin youngsters didn’t fair that well in their first trip to the Stanley Cup finals. We’ll guess what. These kids are returning to the finals with an extra year of experience on their resume, the determination that they will not lose like they did last year and they are star struck no more. [...]

GameDay Poop: Game 4 – Pittsburgh Penguins vs Carolina Hurricanes preview

The Penguins have taken their game to a level that hasn’t been seen in Pittsburgh since the early nineties when Lemieux and company used to torment the opposition. Desire to prove themselves is deep seated in these youths and unfortunately for the Carolina Hurricanes they’re all that’s standing in the way of the Penguins ret [...]

GameDay Poop: Game 3 – Pittsburgh Penguins vs Carolina Hurricanes – preview

The Penguins are up 2 games to none and are heading into the eye of the hurricane at the RBC Center and unfortunately for the Canes the eye is the calm part of the storm. The Hurricanes are 4-2 on home ice in the playoffs and lost their last game at home 4-2 to the Bruins. How calm is Carolina home ice? So calm that that they haven’t so [...]


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