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Penguins Update: Flowers in Bloom

It’s been said that some of the most beautiful flowers in all the world grow in the harshest environments. Indeed, vast fields of wildflowers can be seen bursting forth in colorful splendor in such inhospitable places as the Mojave Desert. Okay, so maybe the Penguins’ 2017-18 season isn’t exactly akin to such an arid and desolate locale. Howe [...]

Who are these guys wearing Black and Gold and what have they done with the Penguins?

OK, I was wrong.  Before the playoffs started, I predicted the Penguins would win their first round series against the Islanders four games to one.  After last night’s pathetic excuse of a hockey game, the series is now tied 2-2 and returns back to Pittsburgh for Game 5 Thursday night at the Consol Energy Center. But was I really wrong? [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins Beat Tavares to Pulverize the New York Islanders

Sid should send 91 a “Been there. Sucks to be the obvious best player on your emerging playoff team” fruit basket. And some ice packs. There was so much that went right last night for the Penguins that this post could focus on just about anything, but it feels good to be on the giving end of a seek-and-destroy strategy. The Pens r [...]

Deep Thoughts by Phil Krundle

League Leading Impressive as it may seem, the Penguins have yet to lose a game this season that was not on a back 2 back night. Just as impressive, the Penguins do not have a mark in the tie column. The NHL in it’s infinite wisdom use the tie column to post overtime losses so there are more teams that look like they have winning records [...]


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