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Could the Penguins lose Malkin in 2 years?

The KHL has announced, according to multiple sources, that all returning Russians from the NHL will not count against the salary cap. What will the Penguins do in 2 years if some crazy, stupid, rich KHL owner offers Geno $25 million tax free per season like Jaromir Jagr was making in Omsk? Sure it’s the KHL, but Geno speaks the language [...]

An Amazing Piece that Remembers the “Railway Men”

A piece was written last week like none that I have recently read.  It recounts and pays tribute to Yaroslavl Lokomotiv, the KHL team that was lost in a tragic place crash this September. The details and perspectives offered are like none gained in any of the other pieces written on this tragedy.  I warn you, some parts of the piece are very [...]

Best NHL Unrestricted Free Agent Available in 2009

Two Pittsburgh Penguins, born 3 years and 1200 miles apart, have an a very mirrored past and a very distant future.  Aleksey Morozov & Milan Kraft are two Birds of a Feather. Aleksey Morozov was drafted by the Penguins 24th overall in 1995, 3 years later Milan Kraft was drafted by the Penguins 23rd overall. Morozov played his first game [...]

Jaromir Jagr a Penguin next year anyone?

Jaromir Jagr’s agent Jaroslav Zidek was just quoted as saying the Jaromir Jagr will be free as a bird come summer. The struggling KHL has made mandatory across the board cuts of 30% to the salaries of all KHL players. The Avangard Omsk (Jagr’s team) is having major financial difficulties and is most likely going to have to dump J [...]

Jaromir Jagr returning to the Penguins?

A week ago Jaromir Jagr claimed he would come back and play for the Penguins at the league minimum if Mario asked him to.  “I was thinking about it and if Mario would call me and say, I’d like you to play for our team,  I would think about it a lot,” Jagr said in a phone interview. “I would play for the minimum salary. [...]


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