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Gameday Poop: Pittsburgh vs Montreal – Game 7 – Down & Dirty

Malkin & Crosby Many of the Penguins players will be facing their favorite childhood team in a game seven playoff game that they’ve played over and over in their younger heads scoring the game winning goal for the Canadiens. It’s time to trample the ghosts of their childhood heroes, it’s time to spit in the face of 100 years of hockey histo [...]

A Town Called Panic

Layout 1 Let’s cut through the crap and get right to the point, the Pens stunk last night.  Oh sure, there were a couple of players who refused to let the rest of the team drag them down to their level, but as a whole, they stunk.  If you listened to any of the post game talk shows, and consider yourself lucky if you didn’t, but as far as [...]

Pens Come Up Short Against Senators

Even the ice surface at Mellon Arena got a new look for the playoffs. It felt like everything was in place tonight.  The city was buzzing, the crowds were unusually large downtown, the bars were packed and the Igloo was alive with excitement.  The whole place was white. Even the ice surface at Mellon Arena got a new look for the playoffs. All the ingredients were there for a big win against the Ottawa Senator [...]

My final regular season game at the Igloo

Me and Jean Pronovost Wow, it really hasn’t sunk in yet that Thursday night’s game Vs. the Islanders really was the last regular season game to be played at Mellon Arena.  I attended my first hockey game there in 1971 and saw the Pens play the Boston Bruins with Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito and the rest of that era’s legendary Bruins.  I fell in love [...]

Pens Win Big on Closing Night at Mellon Arena

One last look at the old Igloo. I Just got back from the Igloo.  That was quite an experience tonight.  The celebration for the closing of the Mellon Arena was quite cool.  There was a lot of nostalgia to be had this evening.  From the very beginning when they brought out all of the past great Penguin players to the TV commercials from eras past that they played on the jumb [...]

Video: Penguins Pre Game History of Mellon Arena Jumbotron Feature

00ppfront This is the video shown before the game on the jumbotron and on FSN during the Pittsburgh Penguins final regular season home game at Mellon Arena.  There are a few things odd in it to me, like “The Save” by Frank Pietrangelo is in it and I’m almost positive that happened at an away game in New Jersey.  Other than a few items [...]


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