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Penguins Have to Make Some Changes

The Stanley Cup Playoffs 2010 are underway.  Four games were played on Wednesday night.  The only road team to lose, the Red Wings, was the one most likely to win.  All four games were decided by one goal.  Does this mean that San Jose, Detroit, New Jersey, and Pittsburgh are all going to lose in the first round?  Probably not.  Our concern i [...]

Video: What if Mario Wasnt so Super?

New NHL playoff commercial asks “What if Mario Wasn’t so Super?”.. History Will be Made.. awsome. I hope they have the same video for Crosby and Malkin in 25 years.   LET’S GO PENS! (more…)

3 Rule Changes the NHL should adopt before the playoffs

With the NHL hierarchy getting together and deciding a rule on head shots and putting it into effect mid season, I was thinking why don’t they try an curb a few of the other problems before they become big issues and happen during an important game in the playoffs.  Here are the rule changes that I suggest the NHL fast track: 1. A game [...]

NHL Winter Classic: Capitals vs Penguins at Heinz Field January 1st 2011

Finally the NHL will be showcasing their superstars, after all the hype Sidney Crosby & Alexander Ovechkin got at the Winter Olympics, it would seem that the NHL has come to it’s senses and will be having them go head to head in the NHL’s showcase event, the Winter Classic .  According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the Washi [...]

Mike Lange Syndrome – We have all had it…

We have all had it at one time or another, this is one of the worse cases ever documented of Mike Lange Syndrome You can view more great videos like this  including a hillarious re-make of that extremely annoying “Give me Back my Filet-o-Fish” commercial using Pittsburgh DJ’s from KISS FM 96.1 at www.benstonium.com (more&he [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs NJ Devils – Evgeni Malkin is out

The Pittsburgh Penguins have lost to the New Jersey Devils all five times they played them this year. Three out of the five losses came when the Penguins played them on the second night of back to back games and the Devils did not play the night before. Two of those games the Penguins traveled immediately after their game the night before whi [...]


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