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Video: Alexander Ovechkin Cheap Headshot of Penguins Zbynek Michalek

Video:  Alexander Ovechkin Cheap Headshot of Penguins Zbynek Michalek Washington Capital’s Alexander Ovechkin leaves feet and targets Pittsburgh Penguins Zbynek Michalek’s head during afternoon game on January 22, 2012.  Will the NHL take action?  

Video: Vincent Lecavalier Embarrasses Self Sucker Punches Malkin

Video: Vincent Lecavalier Embarrasses Self Sucker Punches Malkin Vincent Lecavalier did the most unmanly thing that I’ve seen on ice since Ned Braden did the striptease at center ice.  Lecavalier sucker punches Malkin not once but twice.   

Video: Making Sense of How the NHL Dishes Out Fines & Suspensions

Video:  Making Sense of How the NHL Dishes Out Fines & Suspensions I know people were upset about John Carlson from the Washington Capitals not getting a suspension or even a hearing for throwing his elbow through Matt Cooke’s head.  So I thought I would make a video to explain how the NHL works to try to dispel fans anger.      (more…)

Video: Dan Bylsma Coach of the Year Acceptance Speech

00ppfront Dan Bylsma won a well deserved Jack Adams award for “Coach of the Year”. Bylsma is the first Penguins coach to win the award. This is the video of his acceptance speech. We had an idea Bylsma was going to win the award back in March, you can read about it here: Penguins Coach Bylsma Deserves Jack Adams Award Consideration

Video: Crosby and Malkin Greet Players After Big Win in Tampa

00ppfront You have to love it when your two superstars who are out with injuries show up in the locker room to congratulate the team after a hard fought victory. LETS GO PENS!!

Video: New Penguins History Takes Every Last Second Commercial

00ppfront If this doesn’t get you ready for the playoffs, I don’t think you’ll ever be ready! (Detroit fans not included)

Video: PK Subban Tries to Take Off Rupp’s Head – No Penalty!

00ppfront Surely everyone in Pittsburgh is familiar with PK Subban’s antics.  You remember the guy who purposely swung his leg out to trip Jordan Staal and had his skate blade go through the top of Staal’s foot.  This time Subban purposely swings his stick at Mike Rupp’s head trying to injure him because he is upset he got checked.  T [...]

Video: Pittsburgh Steelers Renegade Tribute at Penguins Game

CEC Feb 4th, 2011 I have to admit we are very psyched about the Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl tomorrow and the game against the Washington Capitals at 12:30PM to kick the day off.    It is definitely in the back of our minds that the last time the Steelers won the Superbowl, the Penguins won the Stanley Cup.       Here is the video the Penguins showed at the g [...]

Video: Funny Winter Classic Commercial – Outtakes — Benstonium

00ppfront Benstonium somehow managed to find never seen before double top secret hidden outtakes from the filming of the Winter Classic Commercial that the NHL doesn’t want people to see featuring Sidney Crosby and Ovechkin. View more great video’s at Benstonium.com

Video: Sidney Crosby Bouncing Pucks off the Wall – Reebok

00ppfront Ah, here we go again!  Sidney Crosby’s new video of him doing tricks at the Reebok rink.  This time he’s bouncing pucks off the wall, catching them with his stick, then he shoots a no look shot into the net.  Great stuff. Click here to view:  Video: Sidney Crosby and the Pyramid of Pucks


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