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Video: Sidney Crosby and the Pyramid of Pucks

00ppfront Everyone keeps asking me about this video and where they can view it, I thought I would just post it.  It looked like Sidney Crosby was trying to pick off the pucks one at a time on the top of the Pyramid then took a slap shot to take it down.  I wonder if he just made this video to scare opposing goaltenders. *After further review, I’m [...]

Video: Sidney Crosby Hits Homer into River at PNC Park

00ppfront Sidney Crosby took batting practice at PNC park today along with some teammates.  Here’s the video of Crosby knocking one out of the park and into the river:

Video: Suttons Suspendable cheap shot of Leopold

00ppfront Andy Sutton leaves his feet to elbow Jordon Leopold in the head.  Under the new NHL head shot rule Sutton will most likely be suspended 2 to five games tomorrow afternoon even though there was no penalty called on the ice.  Here is the video:

Video: What if Mario Wasnt so Super?

00ppfront New NHL playoff commercial asks “What if Mario Wasn’t so Super?”.. History Will be Made.. awsome. I hope they have the same video for Crosby and Malkin in 25 years.   LET’S GO PENS! (more…)

Video: Penguins Pre Game History of Mellon Arena Jumbotron Feature

00ppfront This is the video shown before the game on the jumbotron and on FSN during the Pittsburgh Penguins final regular season home game at Mellon Arena.  There are a few things odd in it to me, like “The Save” by Frank Pietrangelo is in it and I’m almost positive that happened at an away game in New Jersey.  Other than a few items [...]

Video: Sidney Crosby nets two of the Top Ten Goals of the Year

00ppfront The NHL network may have jumped the gun on this one a little being 50+ games left and all.  Though I’m pretty sure the goal of the year by Steven Stamkos will stick at #1.  Sidney Crosby had the #7 and #5 goals and I didn’t find them all that exciting, but I’ve been watching him do that stuff game after game for years now.  [...]

Video: Evgeni Malkin’s must watch Dapper Dan speech last night

00ppfront The Evgeni Malkin speech last night is a must see for anyone who would like an insight to this Russian who has invaded Pittsburgh. Some highlights include Penguins coach Dan Bylsma saying Malkin is the best player to come out of Russia and Malkin saying that he can’t wait to do the whole win the Stanley Cup thing again. It truely gives [...]


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