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Empty Netters Update

00ppfront Pens’ fans breathed a collective sigh of relief yesterday compliments of this blog post by Seth Rorabaugh: An apology – 11-08-10 Monday, November 08, 2010 06:26 PM Written by Seth Rorabaugh Last week, I posted an entry on thepensblog.com that gave the false impression that Post-Gazette management was considering eliminating the Em [...]

Save Empty Netters

500EMPTYNETTERS In case you haven’t heard by now, a Pens fan favorite is in trouble.  Late Thursday night, Seth Rorabaugh made the announcement via Twitter that the future of his Empty Netters blog is in jeopardy.  While he did not reveal the reason, he did say that he has a meeting with some of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette management on Monday about the futu [...]

Penguins’ superior depth finally does in Ottawa

00ppfront Whew, let’s all catch our collective breaths now that the first round is finally over.  It sure didn’t look like we’d be saying that about midway through the second period last night as the Penguins trailed the Sentaors 3 – 0 at the 9:48 mark.  Someone apparently forgot to tell the Penguins that the puck dropped at 7:0 [...]

Video: Suttons Suspendable cheap shot of Leopold

00ppfront Andy Sutton leaves his feet to elbow Jordon Leopold in the head.  Under the new NHL head shot rule Sutton will most likely be suspended 2 to five games tomorrow afternoon even though there was no penalty called on the ice.  Here is the video:

Video: Penguins Pre Game History of Mellon Arena Jumbotron Feature

00ppfront This is the video shown before the game on the jumbotron and on FSN during the Pittsburgh Penguins final regular season home game at Mellon Arena.  There are a few things odd in it to me, like “The Save” by Frank Pietrangelo is in it and I’m almost positive that happened at an away game in New Jersey.  Other than a few items [...]

NHL Winter Classic: Capitals vs Penguins at Heinz Field January 1st 2011

NHL Winter Classic Finally the NHL will be showcasing their superstars, after all the hype Sidney Crosby & Alexander Ovechkin got at the Winter Olympics, it would seem that the NHL has come to it’s senses and will be having them go head to head in the NHL’s showcase event, the Winter Classic .  According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the Washi [...]

Fleury Made the Difference in Game 7

00ppfront Before this epic battle took place, as we tried to find a potential difference-maker in this series, we looked to the goaltenders.  Fleury would have the edge over Varlamov, and this would be the final determining factor over which team would advance.  It took seven games for that advantage to show up, but it did show up.  Now the Penguins ar [...]


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