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Banged-up Penguins Down Devils

I’ve never seen one up close. But I’d imagine the injury bug is a mean-lookin’ critter. Kind of a cross between an army ant, a dragonfly and a wasp. With large, layered wings, compound eyes and huge, pincer-like mandibles. Perfect for putting the bite on unsuspecting hockey teams. It’s sure done a number on our Penguins of late. To the tune [...]

Penguins Rally, Skewer Sabres 4-3

As is my custom on weekends, I went to the Pennsbury Pub and Grille yesterday afternoon to watch the Penguins take on the visiting Sabres. In stark contrast to my previous game-time visit to the Pub, when the Pens’ fortunes took a downturn the instant I showed up, I think I may actually have helped our cause in some cosmic sort of way. You s [...]

Crosby Ignites Penguins

Bam. BAM. Emerging from their corner at the opening bell last night, the Penguins got tagged right on the kisser with the ol’ one-two. Scarcely five minutes into their Metro Division tilt with Carolina at the CONSOL, the hosts were down by a pair and reeling on the canvas. They didn’t stay down for long. Paced by a two-goal effort from Sidne [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs NJ Devils – Evgeni Malkin is out

The Pittsburgh Penguins have lost to the New Jersey Devils all five times they played them this year. Three out of the five losses came when the Penguins played them on the second night of back to back games and the Devils did not play the night before. Two of those games the Penguins traveled immediately after their game the night before whi [...]


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