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Billy Guerin Retires as a Pittsburgh Penguin

Billy Guerin holding Stanley Cup It was nice to see Billy Guerin retire as a Pittsburgh Penguin.  He was only here a short time, but there was a special bond between Billy and the fans.  It is not often that a player can leave such an impression on city in such a short time. Billy is one of those special players that can and did. I was fortunate enough to meet Billy.  My co [...]

Craig Adams is an Important Role Player for the Penguins

00ppfront To win in the playoffs, all hands have to be on deck.  With one series complete, the Pens have already used seven defensemen, 14 forwards, and one goalie.  All 22 of these players had a role to play in the win over Ottawa.   One player who does his job on a consistent basis, but is often overlooked, is Craig Adams.  Adams is a Harvard grad an [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Flyers – Evgeni Malkin is Out

Max Talbot Goal With a win this afternoon the Penguins would clinch a Stanley Cup Playoff berth and if you could tell me a better way to do it than at home against the dreaded Philadelphia Flyers please let me know. A win would also dampen the Flyers playoff hopes. With all the talk about the Penguins being on a downward slide, not much is being made of the [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Red Wings – Malkin is not playing!

pp0202 It’s a great week for hockey! The Penguins kick off their own personal rivalry week with a trip to Detroit to face the team they ousted in the Stanley Cup Finals last year. The Penguins actually look forward to traveling to the Joe Lewis Arena now. The Penguins Sidney Crosby, Ruslan Fedotenko, Sergei Gonchar and many others this will be [...]

Penguins Should Finish Strong

00ppfront Even though the road trip wasn’t a total success, at least it ended on a positive note.  They needed to acquire a minimum of five points on the trip and that is exactly what they did.  After one of their worst performances of the year in New Jersey, they played maybe their most complete game of the year in Boston.  Fleury got his first [...]

Mike Lange Syndrome – We have all had it…

00ppfront We have all had it at one time or another, this is one of the worse cases ever documented of Mike Lange Syndrome You can view more great videos like this  including a hillarious re-make of that extremely annoying “Give me Back my Filet-o-Fish” commercial using Pittsburgh DJ’s from KISS FM 96.1 at www.benstonium.com (more&he [...]

Crosby and Ovechkin are Headed Two Different Directions Together

pp0162 Since the 2005/2006 season when Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin vaulted into the NHL there were two things you could count on more than Marion Gaborik getting injured. Crosby was a passer and was always going to have more assists than goals and Ovechkin was a shooter and was always going to have more goals than assists. You can’t c [...]

Gameday Poop: Game 2 – Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Redwings – Stanley Cup Finals

The Penguins started the game out last night very tentative, and by the time they got on a roll, Detroit was already in their trap system because of the two freak goals that they got. Dan Bylsma has done a fantastic coaching job this post season, but the one thing he could have stood to do was be a little more pro active in the line-up chang [...]

DR Hook’s 1st ANNUAL… Stanley Cup Predictions – (Any of that GYPSY left in you...

00ppfront Thanks all for participating in DR Hook’s 1st ANNUAL ‘PP Stanley Cup Predictions’ Contest.   A congratulations to Ron Malore squeaking it out over MS FORECZECH and Penguin871 by 2 points.  Krundle finished 4th just 6 points back. What we kind-of proved here is that the so-called experts, using the same system as us, finishe [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: The Birth of a Dynasty

dynasty600 You are currently witnessing the birth of a new hockey dynasty in Pittsburgh and if ownership plays it’s cards right, it could be one for over a decade. 21 year old Sidney Crosby and 22 year old Evgeni Malkin, two of the last three Art Ross Trophy winners are a tandem like modern day hockey has never seen. Evgeni Malkin was drafted 2nd [...]


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