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Tonight on PenguinPoop Radio: Trade Deadline Talk with guest Craig Button

Tonight on PenguinPoop Radio, hosts Disco Stu & Art Vandelay will be talking about the Pittsburgh Penguins and their possible moves come trade deadline with special guest Craig Button from the NHL Network. They will also talk about Evgeni Malkin’s continued torrid play as well as the return of Jordan Staal and hopefully some insigh [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins 2012 Deadline Trade Rumors

We will keep updating this until the trade deadline:  February 26th, 2012 Here we go again, the trade rumors are circling and the Pittsburgh Penguins have been brought up again over and over mostly mentioning the Penguins picking up rental players.  Click Here for info on: Pittsburgh Penguins Cap Space   Click below for this years:  Pitt [...]

The Pittsburgh Penguins and Brad Richards, the Perfect Match

With Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin out, you may think the Penguins GM Ray Shero should waive the white flag and live to fight another day. I’m willing  to bet there is a locker room full of Penguins that would not agree with this sentiment. I also believe Shero still has a few cards left up his sleeve. For the right price, just about [...]

Upcoming trade deadline part deux

With Whitney gone before the deadline the Penguin most rumored player in all of the trade rumors is gone. The questions are: Will the Penguins make another trade? Will it be a big one? Are the Penguins looking for anything in particular? Is Kunitz the winger that Shero has in mind for Crosby’s line or is he still looking for a sniper? W [...]


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