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The Canadiens are out coaching and out playing the Capitals

00ppfront Who the Penguins play next round will be determined by the winner of the Washington Capitals vs. the Montreal Canadiens game tonight. If the Capitals win we play Boston, if the Canadiens win we play the Canadiens. I’m not so sure that I would rather play the Canadiens. Having them eliminate the Caps in the first round is very enticing, [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Capitals – Ovechkins Goal Drought

pp0215 If Alexander Ovechkin goes without a goal tonight it will match the second longest drought he has had in his career. Ovechkin has just 1 goal in the seven games since US Marshalls showed up at the Washington Capitals training facility to question players about their ties to the “Steroid Doctor”, Dr. Nagel. I’m not saying tha [...]

Are the Capitals That Much Better Than Everyone Else?

Ovechkin I want to give the Capitals their due as they are a very good hockey team.  They have so much talent all through their line-up.  The only weakness that anyone might find is the goaltending, but Theodore has been playing well lately — maybe that problem is solved.  Are they really 17 points better than anyone else in the East?  I decide [...]

And Down the Stretch they come

00ppfront There are 2 weeks left in the NHL regular season, and currently the Penguins sit 2nd in the Eastern Conference.  The Washington Capitals have pretty much locked up the the #1 seed so 2nd is the best the Penguins can hope for, and they need to do everything in their power to make sure they get it.  New Jersey, currently sitting in 4th, is only [...]

NHL Winter Classic: Capitals vs Penguins at Heinz Field January 1st 2011

NHL Winter Classic Finally the NHL will be showcasing their superstars, after all the hype Sidney Crosby & Alexander Ovechkin got at the Winter Olympics, it would seem that the NHL has come to it’s senses and will be having them go head to head in the NHL’s showcase event, the Winter Classic .  According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the Washi [...]

Gameday Poop: Penguins vs Capitals – Steroids Steroids Steroids

00ppfront The Washington Capitals are under investigation once again for being involved with steroids. US Marshals were at the Washington Capitals training facility investigating.  Dr. Doug Nagel who may or may not be the Capitals chiropractor was arrested yesterday.  The Capitals are saying “(Dr. Doug Nagel) is not affiliated with the Washington Capit [...]

Capital’s Trade analysis

00ppfront Since there’s not much in the way of big names being traded today, I’m left to talk about the questionable moves that the Caps have made today. 7th Round draft pick to the Hurricanes for Scott Walker. Walker will add some grit and some depth, but the guy gets hurt when the wind blows too hard. Sure the Caps only gave up a 7th roun [...]

NHL investigating Washington Capitals ties to Steroids

"All I can say is that we get tested two, three times a year and there's never been anybody that tested positive" A couple in Florida was arrested with an anabolic steroids stash worth a street value of $200,000 claimed to have sold them to Washington Capital players. Dick Patrick of the Washington Capitals has confirmed the NHL’s investigation “We welcome and will fully cooperate with the NHL’s investigation.” Whether it is true [...]

The Alexander Ovechkin Strip Club Receipt is Fake

If your a Pittsburgh Penguin fan like me, your email box has been inundated with the Alexander Ovechkin at a strip club picture with receipt and all.  It can also be seen on Tim Benz 105.9 the X’s page:  click here:  ‘Tim Benz Page‘.  A picture of the receipt is also at the bottom of this page. The problem is not how much Ov [...]


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